Real Estate Development

Real estate development is fundamentally a financially driven business. Ensuring the targeted outcome in this business sphere, however, rests upon accurate and thorough management of a host of disciplines lying behind the investment effort. CPD Group is a development organization dedicated to creating value across this broad spectrum - from initial underwriting through to investment exit and including financial planning, structuring, innovative design solutions, technical oversight, marketing and asset management.

Attention to detail, efficiency, economy and risk management are among the hallmarks of the CPD approach to projects. CPD uniquely combines international best practice know-how and local execution capabilities that ensure good judgment and control right down to the site level where the firm is fully licensed to perform the technical customer functions ("Technical Zakazchik"). The firm´s breadth of experience and commitment are key drivers to achieving our investment goals in a challenging but attractive market.


  • Site selection and evaluation / Highest & best-use analysis
  • Feasibility and financial analysis
  • Budget development

Technical Management

  • Government and statutory approvals coordination
  • Planning application and approval
  • Obtaining permits and technical conditions (utilities)
  • Performing the functions of the technical customer (“tech zakazchik”)

Project Finance

  • Co-investment
  • Bank credit facility arrangements
  • Attracting 3rd party equity investment
  • Re-financing

Development Management

  • Contract negotiations
  • Construction procurement
  • Construction management
  • Design development
  • Value engineering
  • Site acquisition
  • Masterplanning
  • Programme management
  • Lease, sales / marketing program
  • Risk management

Asset Management

  • Transaction and ownership structuring
  • Institutional accounting/control/reporting
  • Operations and maintenance planning
  • Exit strategy and disposal
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